Move Up - Small Steps for Significant Change

An exciting self-development programme that helps women make positive changes in their lives, one step at a time!

Programme Overview

Move Up  is a 10-week programme [see start dates below] in central Lower Hutt. The new Move Up programme includes: 

  • Understanding yourself and developing your strengths and abilities

  • Being healthy

  • Having an income and meaningful work

  • Having enough money, and knowing how to manage it and increase it

  • Having a happy home to live in and enjoy

  • Being connected and having good relationships with others

  • Celebrating life!

Join us and build a new sense of your worth and learn valuable skills to achieve success in all areas of our life. 

Move Up is designed for  women who want – and are ready – to build a more productive life. Move up is delivered in small group settings where you can feel safe and be inspired!


What You'll Gain

The elements of the Move Up programme will help you:

  • Discover of your top strengths, and how to use them for yourself and your family

  • Build confidence

  • Have a clear focus – a vision, a passion – for your life

  • Set and measure achievable goals

  • Build a nurturing and safe home environment for you and your children to thrive in

  • Understand your child, including their unique temperament and personality

  • Implement time management tools and strategies to organise yourself and your family

  • Budget your personal finances to manage your money effectively

  • Develop skills to recognise and navigate challenges and pressures

  • Have confidence and assurance to celebrate your successes

Programme Start Dates

2019 Move Up Programmes
starts Wednesday 13th February at 9.30 am

starts Thursday, 2nd May at 9.30 am

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Join the Programme

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Programme Testimonials

Still not sure about the Move Up programme? Here are some testimonials from our previous Move Up participants. They show the significant impacts that Women of Worth has had on their lives.


"The course has given me the courage to change my whole life around.

Move out of the family home and area to start afresh,

and to make myself safe.”

— L.G.


"This course has made the biggest difference to me.

More than any other course I have been on, as it focused on me and my responsibilities to me. The course has given me the inner strength to face the future with confidence and determination.”

— D.M.