Women... Whanau... Community...”

’he waka eke noa’ ‘faatasi e tasi i matou’
”together we are one

Welcome to our ‘Women of Worth Charity’ team…

Respect for Diversity, Community and Collaboration are the key principals underpinning our WoW Women of Worth Charity work.

We are committed to providing a safe, supportive learning environment, practical tools/training and mentoring to women, (wahine) mothers and grandmothers ‘in need’ in our community.

What does ‘in need’ mean? In a condition of needing something (such as the things one needs to live) (Ref:Merriam Webster) People in need do not have enough of the essential things in life such as money, food, or good health. (Synonyms: poordepriveddisadvantagedimpoverished) (Ref: Collins) 

We work in collaboration with ‘like minded’ communities, charities and social service agencies to support the change that our women need to undertake to move their lives forward for themselves, their tamariki and whanau. Together we deliver the best possible outcome for our ‘women.’

Meet our passionate team of highly skilled individuals - directors, staff, advisors, supporters and sponsors.

Volunteer for Women of Worth

We are always looking for volunteers from various disciplines and talents to help Women of Worth grow. 

If you're interested in knowing more or joining our team of volunteers, we'd love to hear from you.

Contact us today to chat about how you could contribute to Women of Worth!

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