Testimonials from our Move Up programme participants show the significant impacts that Women of Worth has had on their lives. We have guided women to seek safety for themselves and their families, provided a unique opportunity to identify their strengths, and mentored them to grow financially and emotionally independent.

“This course has made the biggest difference to me.

More than any other course I have been on, as it focused on me and my responsibilities to me. The course has given me the inner strength to face the future with confidence and determination.”

— D.M.

“For the first time ever I am allowing myself to develop and grow.

This course has helped me understand that if I am to make a difference with my family then I have to be the best that I can be as a role model to them. I now have a part time job.”

— M.T.


“The course has given me the courage to change my whole life around.

Move out of the family home and area to start afresh,

and to make myself safe.” 

— L.G.

“I arrived a high anxiety participant.

But set a goal to present myself in person to an established service to request a job. I managed to do this in the time frame I set. Practicing in class the first impressions and handshakes helped.”

— M.L.


"The course has helped me think and work towards getting fit for a new career path

as health had closed the door on an existing career.”

“I wrote my goal in the morning and had enacted the first steps by the afternoon.

I can see possibilities and opportunity for making changes.”


“This course doesn't just help with the outside - it helps with the inside.”

“Sometimes you like…feel really depressed. Disabilities that stop me from doing everyday things. This course gives you confidence to get out there, to talk to people higher than you, people who look at you like you are nothing. This helps you to know how to talk to them.” 

— L.I.

“This course is a confidence builder”

“Every morning I set a goal/s to achieve for the day. I am far more focused and happy. I had no money knowledge and now am managing my money for myself.”

— S.L.

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